Thursday, November 17, 2005


You definitely need a friend who doesn’t work.

My friend who doesn’t work is Barbara. We go for walks together. No rush and no pressure.

Last weekend I was out in the country with Kev and we passed a lovely pub that said ‘2 meals for £8’ Monday to Friday. Obviously my dear toy boy could not take advantage of this so I phoned Barbara.

After an excellent walk we reached the pub, opened the door and saw in front of us a sea of grey heads.
It was a bit scary.

They like their grub these old gits.

We brazened it out and I even had a little flirt with a bloke on the next table (about my age) who’d brought his dad.

Can I still cut the mustard?

Don’t go grey young pensioner – I’m blonde now for the first time.

Yesterday Barbara had the ‘pensioner’s special’ – I had a non ageist prawn sandwich.

More soon KAZ

Went into town yesterday and got my new bus pass. Didn’t use it on the way home – paid full price.

OK I’m still in denial!


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