Saturday, November 19, 2005


Last week I walked to the local library. I took out two ‘feel good’ videos to watch with Kev at the weekend.
As the lovely librarian was stamping the date she said ’You go home and put your feet up and enjoy them luv.’

My God – do I really look as though I’ve nothing better to do than skulk at home all day watching telly?

On my way back I met Jack (ex colleague and chum).

Jack: HI KAZ: How’s retirement?
KAZ: Fab!!
Jack: Oh the novelty ‘ll soon wear off.

Then I saw Mac.

KAZ: Hi Mac I’ve retired.
MAC: They won’t let me retire
KAZ: Oh!

Today I returned to the library. The computer screen was at an angle so I could see it clearly.
Right across the middle of my record it said in big letters

{P E N S I O N E R}

Well that will explain why they don’t ask for fines any more.

No hiding now. Off to use my bus pass



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