Saturday, November 05, 2005


My Sixtieth birthday!
Today, I’m the youngest pensioner in Britain. Born a few days after the war finished.
I’d been expecting a pension book in the post - along with a bus pass, fuel allowance payment and a B&Q discount card for Wednesdays.

Nothing – what a disappointment!
Surely there should be a nice letter to say my pension would be on its way and worth X pounds. I’d filled in all the forms ages ago.
So what’s retirement going to be like for my generation?

Will we spend our days in the pound shop with a recycled carrier bag?

Will I ever get my pension?

Will I be a free spirit or a lost soul?

I’ll find out and tell you about it in this BLOG

More soon

KAZ (Youngest pensioner)

That's me above 59 years ago - or is it Ian Hislop?


Blogger ziGGi said...

I think you were a lovely babe - where are you now babe??

5:30 pm  

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