Friday, December 30, 2005


We escaped to Catalunya (Costa Brava) for Christmas.
Bloody cold but wonderfully sunny.
They don’t do Christmas there. Presents are given on Jan 6th. There’s lots of (rather dusty) mangers and cribs about.
Bet you’d forgotten about baby Jesus hadn’t you?

Strangely, on Dec 26th the bins are always full of very posh boxes and expensive packaging.
I thought these Europeans were supposed to be passionate recyclers.
We found 2 beautiful wooden boxes, one was stained green with a still life painted on the front. They had contained wine.

Kev got very drunk very early on Christmas eve, so I refused to go out with him.
Christmas day started with a blazing row which lasted far too long.
Eventually exhausted, we saw sense and ate and drank heartily.
We then watched Bridget Jones 2 on video.

And you thought I was an intellectual.
Love KAZ
resolutions next


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