Monday, December 12, 2005

Google it

Have you ever googled ‘pensioner’ or ‘senior citizen’?

Don’t bother!

The majority of the sites are trying to sell you a pension or a retirement home.
The words welfare and poverty crop up a lot too.

‘Retirement with a purpose’ looked promising. Sadly, it was all about God botherers who wanted to get well in with their maker before it was too late.

Then we get – ‘PENSIONER as victim’

Shopaholic eBay hacker menaces German pensioner.
Blind, deaf pensioner mobbed by teenagers
Dog drives milk float into pensioner
Pensioner fined for walking too slowly
Pensioner’s body found in estuary (don’t get too upset - it’s only a pensioner)
Pensioner couple beaten to death in robbery
New Zealand Pensioner in cliff plunge whilst mowing lawn
Pensioner lay dead for two weeks
Denture mishap makes pensioner speechless
Pensioner forced to chop off his rotting finger due to surgery delay (New Zealand again)

Then there’s the truly Bizarre:

Pensioner keeps outliving coffin she buys.
Pensioner loses false teeth in fight with prostitute
Live pensioner turned up at his own funeral. Friends and colleagues stunned
Pensioner refuses PIN and told to bank elsewhere
Live pensioner turned up at his own funeral. Friends and colleagues stunned
Thrifty pensioner saves money on viagra
80 year old pensioner called to fight in Iraq (administrative error)

It’s all true, I read it on Google

The best was ‘Police blitz on pensioner buggy speeders’ A speed mad pensioner was ‘using his walking stick like a jousting knight’ to clear people out of the way. And all this on the prom at St Annes on sea.

Well nothing else happens there!

What about google images?

Well Chelsea pensioners appear on every page.

Young KAZ loves the outfit !

My blog should be in the google listings to tell everyone that life begins at sixty

SEO ? can U do it 4 blogs?

CU soon



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