Friday, January 27, 2006

Anti wrinkle

I’ve never liked putting stuff on my face except (of course) loads of make up. Face creams and moisturisers are about as appealing as perfumed lard.

In the sixties we all had black Cleopatra eyes, white lipstick and thick foundation (Sheer Genius by Max Factor in ‘Tempting Touch’).
In 1968 I got married to Rob in a white mini skirt wearing 3 (yes THREE) pairs of false eyelashes.
Pete Burns eat your heart out.

So you have to realise that it is really very hard for me to tell you this - but I’m going to try some anti wrinkle cream. I DID NOT BUY IT – it was free with a magazine subscription. It’s Roc without Boswelox. It’s not cheap stuff.
I‘ll do an experiment because I used to be a scientist. Kev will take before and after photos
It says it will fill the wrinkles from inside. Bollocks. At least polyfilla works.
Still it’s free.
I’ll tell you how I get on.
Wish me luck I need it


Anonymous NiC said...

"Fill wrinkles from the inside"!!! Does it say how? Exudation or something? Yuk.

PS: Hello... nice to find your blog (via Blue Witch).

10:14 am  
Blogger Brave Willow said...

Lol that cheered me up no end thanx for laugh. I hate anyone seeing me without my polyfilla on.

2:18 pm  
Anonymous get rid of wrinkles said...

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