Thursday, January 12, 2006

Drop a Dress size

Before Christmas every magazine had ‘Drop a dress size’ on its cover. After Christmas, it changed to ‘Lose a stone in your lunch hour’ or some such crap!
10ish years ago, I had what Eileen calls my trauma (yes Kev was implicated) when chubby Kaz became slim.
Suddenly I could wear the clothes I was too old for. Ironic eh?
Anyway, I got over it, and the weight started piling back on. Susan Powter ( see pic) came to my rescue. Her 1994 book ‘Stop the Insanity’ changed my life. She looks like a slapper, but she’s intelligent, political and scientific.
Eat low fat. This means doing the fat formula.
Look at the label.
Multiply the kcal from fat by 10. If this comes to more than one third of the total no of kcal then don’t eat it. If it’s less go ahead. Ignore any of the claims on the label.
Move about a bit as well and you won’t gain weight. Make this a lifetime habit like I did.



Blogger Vics said...

I can never be arsed with dieting - i've always just eaten when I'm hungry and stopped when i'm full, even without doing excersize I don't gain weight - I've been around 9-9and a half stone for over 10 years - and a size 8-10 dress (depending on the shop of course)
I'm thinking clothes manufacturers have some nefarious deal going with the diet industry...

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