Friday, January 06, 2006


That’s the name of this painting by Walter Sickert*.
I used to have a chest just like this ... (of drawers that is – I have no other chest to speak of!)
We’ve all had these feelings– especially on January 6th in a small flat in the North West of England. We expect it to go dark at 4.30, but today it never really got light. It’s not really boredom, more like depression, melancholy, loneliness – just a general low feeling.
But hey …. the solstice was 21st December so the days must be getting longer even though it doesn’t seem like it.
I used to think I was glum cos of work, but now I have no excuse

So – walk to the shop, get a paper and do the crossword..
Go to the library and get a crime novel. Fictional killings are always good to cheer you up.
Even if you can’t face a swim, the local pool may have a steam room
Oh go on then , have some chocolate if you really must, but make it the dark stuff cos it’s officially good for you

Don’t hit the bottle til after six

* Yes some did think he was Jack the Ripper


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