Friday, February 10, 2006

Billie Jo

On the day when Sion Jenkins was first convicted of Billie Jo’s murder in 1998, I had a date with mum for Scampi and chips in Yates’s Wine Lodge. We agreed that he was guilty as hell and a thoroughly reprehensible specimen. My mum was an excellent judge of character.
We’ll never know for sure who really killed Billie Jo, but we know that Jenkins is a wife beater and compulsive liar who hit his daughters regularly. He’s now married to a millionaire divorcee.

Guilty or not, one serous issue emerges from all this.

Prisoners who don’t admit their guilt don’t get privileges.
They usually suffer greatly because of this.
So, our system refuses to admit that we sometimes get it wrong.
Anyone who has seen ‘In the name of the father' with Daniel Day Lewis and Peter Postlethwaite will agree that this rule should be changed as a matter of urgency.

But not for the sake of Sion Jenkins

R.I.P. Billie Jo


Anonymous NiC said...

Whilst I, like the juries I suppose, am no longer sure. I intitally though him guilty but then changed my mind right through to innocent then back to unsure. Ultimately there seemd to very little conclusive proof....

I wonder how much effort will really be put into the case now. If the police are absolutely sure they got the right man then I can't really see how they can be motivated to look any further.

As for the other issue, yes absolutely. It used to be the case also, I think, that there was no parole either unless guilt was admitted.

11:19 am  
Blogger KAZ said...

Thanks Nic, I've written to the paper abt this. Don't suppose they'll publish

4:31 pm  

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