Thursday, February 02, 2006


I used to be a Chemistry teacher.
Actually it was only a few months ago!
One faithful ex student (Sam) sends me e mails. His style is brilliant.

E.g. gd nws kaz i got in at mmu, but i still wudve liked a B in chem it wudda made u proud if u think abt it i did get a B cos i did better on that mod 3 resit and they dint take it into account. thats wat really annoys me kaz that i needed 3 measly marks and i got them 3 marks but they dint let me take it forward.
aaaaaarrrrr 3MARKS!!!!!

When I write back I have to type it in full, then go back and delete all the vowels – not really the point is it?
Last week, Sam ran into the lab technician who told him the new Chemistry teacher is great.This made me feel awful! I also felt awful about feeling awful.
Did I really want my students to have bad teacher?
Well I’m only human.
The feeling soon passed. I suppose I just wanted to be missed



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kaz

This is nothing to do with the post but can't find another way to contact you. I love the blog (having found it through the Guardian newsblog) and have laughed a lot. Working on a pilot for a new TV show (that's basically a TV blog made by a cast of people based around the country) and think you and your cast of friends would be brilliant for it. If you want to find out more please email me at

Thanks a lot and keep on having fun

11:34 am  

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