Saturday, February 04, 2006


Went to ‘Munich’ with Eileen yesterday.
She had to pay full price - she’s only 58.

It was a bit of a boys’ film, but totally, totally brilliant. Especially in the light of the Hamas victory and the World cup in Germany.
The main man was Eric Bana who is terrific. So who was he? I asked Eileen who usually knows these things. No idea. We assumed he was a celebrated American Jewish actor.
How wrong can you be - Google tells me that he’s an Aussie of Croation descent. He used to be a stand up comedian and his big film break was playing ‘The incredible Hulk!’
Inspired casting Mr Spielberg – the film revolved around him.

Richard Gere has been getting rather tedious lately so it’s time for a change.

My cat was called Eric – I’ll tell you about him soon.



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