Tuesday, February 14, 2006


There was an advert on the hoardings recently (see my version above). The message ‘1 in 5 women are let down every month by their sanitary protection’. This sends a cold shiver down my spine. All young women fear leakage, they don’t need to be reminded by 20ft high hoardings.

One advantage of being a pensioner is you can wear white trousers all the time.

Note to self: Remember you look terrible in white trousers.

Then there’s the one that asks ‘What does your loo say about you?’ I don’t think this is addressing the man of the house do you?

The worst one is the big V fighting the big C! Er…. ‘scuse me Mister Branson .. If I give you some money are you going to protect me from getting Cancer?’ NO? Well pssss off then and stop frightening me. I already pay you for my internet.

Identity theft? OK it happens, but is there really a need to panic? You can’t go out without seeing old gits coming back from Tesco with a string bag of carrots in one hand and a shredder in the other.

Don’t get me going on the identity card topic

Remember – the thing you worry most about is not what will get you in the end.


ASDA : Had to take swimsuit back as it had curves where I hadn’t.
BILLIE JO: I e mailed the Guardian about the innocent prisoner thing. They didn’t print but they put my blog on their Newsblog page (Log links) last Friday. So I’ll forgive them. It’s been replaced now.
WRINKLES: Kept forgetting to use the ‘not Boswelox’. I am avoiding mirrors at the moment.
....And if you were wondering about Phil Kay's radio station click here


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Shreddings are great for the compost heap. Apparently so is the liquid mentioned in the first paragraph, if collected rather than absorbed, but I do draw the line at that ;)

Peeing on one's compost heap is OK, but... no, OK, I'll stop there ;)

9:27 pm  
Anonymous NiC said...

Congratulations on the Grauni website link!

10:45 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Now I really know you'e a witch!!

Thanks Nic - thought you meant the Phil Kay radio station link for a moment - don't go there.

10:11 am  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

At least you're not mistaking me for a vampire ;)

1:28 pm  

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