Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Lesley and I usually meet up for a (very) early drink on Monday evenings. We leave before 8 to watch University challenge. Our blokes are both ‘know it all, smart arse, quiz type bores’.

Actually I don’t. I sneak away to watch Corrie part 2. Don’t tell Lesley.

This Monday I made an exception. Kev was shouting out all the answers as usual and I was fulfilling the expected role of saying ‘Ooo well done’ at regular intervals. Me? I didn’t even get the Chemistry question right. It would be good if Kev won some money for it from e.g. Chris Tarrant. All he earns are lager vouchers at the pub on Tuesday nights.

Tuesday morning there was an e mail from Lesley. ‘We got 29 and I got 10 of those’. She suggested we keep score and compare every week. Oh yeah? What a brilliant idea!

Why do I know absolutely nothing when the pimply youths on telly are buzzing away, conferring frantically and getting it all right?

Do I care that I’m so useless at general knowledge?
YES I Do, but I hide it well.

Perhaps I know a bit about ‘life’


Anonymous Lesley said...

You little liar. I've found you out now.
Corrie? I thought you were an intellectual!

9:49 am  

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