Saturday, March 04, 2006


Linda Smith made me laugh. She had that rare talent of being very funny, but modest and self-effacing at the same time.
Paul Merton has it too - on a good day.

What else makes me laugh?

Not ‘Little Britain’ but I’ve taught so many Vicki Pollards that she can raise a chuckle of recognition.

Victoria Wood’s stand up is funny and I loved Dinner Ladies. It’s the cast of Corrie in overalls. Which reminds me of the Julie Walters character of the same name. But Julie’s best moment was the ‘two soups’ scene. I can’t type that without a giggle.

When Kev and I are really bored we play ’History today’ . I liked the way Newman and Baddiel did it with such a straight face.

But undoubtedly top of my comedy list is ‘Early Doors’. Craig Cash is a great writer and performer. And he’s managed all this in spite of coming from Stockport.

Let’s have another series.



Blogger MB said...

Surely phil and nige, the two coppers, are the best comedy characters of the past decade?

Or maybe the Janitor from Scrubs

8:51 am  
Blogger KAZ said...

Well 'Crime can't crack itself'

2:09 pm  

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