Tuesday, July 18, 2006

These WE have LOVED

I found a little dog-eared ’Book of Lists’ on a Spanish market on Saturday. It was compiled in 1981 by Hunter Davies, biographer of the Beatles and (soon) Wayne Rooney.

SL was only 5 years old in 1981. I know that because it’s his 30th birthday today!

So - which living person did young people like SL admire the most in 1981? Answer: That lovely brunette - Kevin Keegan …obvious really - we should have known. Cliff Richard was at no 3 - that was before he starred at Wimbledon.

The book is aimed at young people, so what about best selling toys? Space Invaders is top (we are informed that this is an ‘electronic game’) and Disco Skates at no8 - Groovy.

When asked what they would like to be ‘when they grew up’ - Policeman/woman was favourite. After nurse and professional footballer came teacher. Wow things do change in 25 years. By a strange coincidence, ‘Police’ also came top in the favourite pop star list. Kate Bush and Showaddywaddy were at no9. Now there’s a mind-boggling combination. I presume it was a tie - like Kelly Marie and the Boomtown Rats at no 7.

Richmond upon Thames (I think that’s dahn sahf) sent most persons to Uni (16.5% of population). Stockport came 5th …what?? The residents must have been so bored that revision seemed like fun. Manchester was near the bottom, which proves my point.

Favourite food was Fish and chips (pre McDonalds?)

New words in the Oxford English Dictionary included Ayatollah, Skateboard and Punk rock.

There were 35 TVs per 1000 of the population.

Eton was top school for getting chaps into Oxford and Cambridge - no surprise.

Oh and in the list of football teams to be in the cup final more than 3 times who should tie with Liverpool (6) but that well known footie team ‘Old Etonians’ - now that is a surprise.

I get a bit bored on hol - this kept me entertained for a few mins.
You too I hope


Blogger SL said...

I did not admire Kevin Keegan OR Cliff Richard. Bryan Robson was two years away from joining Manchester United and for the life of me I cannot remember the team from 81...but that's probably no surprise.

I don't recall much from 81 actually...

10:39 am  
Blogger KAZ said...

Well you were only little - I was 35 and it was the very best time of my life .. but enough of that! Have a great day.

1:47 pm  
Anonymous Gert said...

Bryan Robson joined 3 October 1981. Frank Stapleton and Remi Moses had joined in the summer, because Dave Sexton got sacked the day we had our field trip to North Wales. Other team members at the time included Steve Coppell, Lou Macari, Sammy McIlroy. Joe Jordan left at the end of the 80-81 season. I saw him in WH Smiths at the airport. Gordon McQueen, Arthur Albiston, Jimmy Nicholl, Gary Birtles, Gary Bailey, Scott McGarvey.

Oh, and Paddy Roche

9:54 pm  
Anonymous Gert said...

No google was involved!

9:54 pm  
Blogger SL said...

Kaz, thank you, hon, I have enjoyed it. Good day, more on blog when...I have finished celebrating!

Gert...Robbo was 81, my memory is baaaad. 83 was the FA Cup final...it comes creeping slowly back. PLEASE don't mention Paddy Roche...

(Sorry for that Kaz, it needed addressing. :oS)

11:56 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Gert: Have you thought of going on Mastermind? TWO Special subjects 'United in the 80s' and 'Placido'.
No prize money though.

SL: Glad you enjoyed it - the next 30 years will be the best!
Trust me!

8:11 am  

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