Thursday, August 03, 2006

Aliza Olmert

When Ehud Olmert was elected as prime minister of Israel in April this year, it was the first time that Aliza, his wife of 35 years had voted for him. At the time I was delighted and amused to read that Aliza - a celebrated artist and authour - was an active member of the left leaning peace movement.

As the atrocities in the Lebanon continue unabated and even Tony Blair can’t force his toady cabinet to agree with him I wonder what Aliza is doing.

Perhaps she is using Cherie as a role model and assuming an inane smile that says ‘ What me? A barrister? Don’t be daft - I’m just a cardboard cut out who doesn’t think and anyway it makes excellent financial sense to be Mrs Blair and not Ms Booth’.

Wives have a problem - they can do a Tammy Wynette or work hard to preserve their own identity. They can benefit from their marriage vows - Sharon Osbourne is now more famous than Ozzy without biting the head off a single hamster.

On the other hand, if things go badly wrong, they suffer - like Sonia Sutcliffe wife of the Yorkshire ripper, who at one time was more demonised than her husband. During her libel case against the News of the World, George Carman the famous solicitor accused her of ‘Dancing on the graves of her husband’s victims’.

I can’t say I’m a Tessa Jowell fan, but in her busy life as a government minister could she really have had time to check her husband’s bank statements? Would we have expected her to know if he had been having an affair or doing a Mark Oaten? Her marriage had to be jettisoned in favour of her career.

At least Posh used to be a Spice Girl in her own right, so we can blame her for that as well.



Anonymous Gert said...

To be honest, I think all the political wives should just disappear. It's such a lot of toss that we're supposed to care about them. Yet the husband of Gro Harlem Brundlandt (sp?) was said to be a supporter of a different political party. And Angela Merkel's husband soesn't do the 'husband of the Chancellor' bit. I couldn't give a flying f*** about Politicians Wives, probbaly less than I could about Footballers'.

4:26 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

I do so AGREE! I did a post about this last month (HABS = husbands and boyfriends).
which no one seemed to be interested in.
To me it's crucial that someone like Cherie Blair should be a role model as a e.g.a barrister rather than a simpering wife. It's so important that women are succesful in their own right.
Also, I don't see why the Tour de France winners need their babies on the podium. They would be better off not flaunting their testosterone levels.

8:58 pm  

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