Thursday, September 28, 2006

D'Ya Think I'm SEXY?

Rod Stewart (above)spends £6000 per year on his hair (bleaching and blow jobs).

That's about the same as my state pension.

He wears it well!



Blogger Pete said...

blow drys i THINK you mean

9:44 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...


10:32 am  
Blogger Betty said...

Probably plenty of truth in that Freudian slip.

Anyway, how much of it is his own hair?

12:22 pm  
Blogger Geoff said...

Why has he got his y-fronts on his head?

1:48 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Betty: Afraid not - according to the article the whole family go with old Rodders when he visits the hairdresser.

You'd think they could have a better day out with all their dosh.

Geoff: Perhaps it's as Betty suggests i.e. to cover his bald patch.

I only wish he'd cover up the rest of his body as well as his head.

5:32 pm  
Blogger stitchwort said...

To prevent the sun bleaching his hair?

5:33 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

stitchwort: Our comments almost synchronised.

Yes - he'd hate to get his hair bleached for free!

5:35 pm  
Blogger Gary James said...


Surely at his age he qualifies for the half-price special on Thurdays?

I would definately bleach him for 3 grand, but we'd have to negotiate on the blow job.

10:03 pm  
Blogger The Murphmeister said...

I want to know why you were reading the Daily Mail anyway. Were you concerned about the effect of this bombshell on house prices?

10:11 pm  
Blogger Ruby in Bury said...

Not only does he have his Y fronts on his head, he's also wearing a pair of bikini bottoms.

10:35 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Hi Gary: Sounds like a bargain to me - Penny Lancaster can take care of the ‘other thing’.

Murph: Oh Murph - Honestly and truthfully I do not read the Mail. I found this pic on Google when searching for something else.
Actually, I do have the occasional glance at the front page when I’m in Tesco -just to see how Diana’s getting on.

Ruby: What do these old gits think they look like? He should spend some of that money on some long johns or a boiler suit.

8:07 am  
Blogger stitchwort said...

But kaz, he was probably never expecting to be photographed, just minding his own business, and along comes this paparazzi with a long lens .... at least he was wearing something.

10:18 am  
Blogger KAZ said...

We should be thankful for that.
I really believe that everyone over the age of 55 should adopt the burka/hijab style of dressing.

12:09 pm  

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