Thursday, February 15, 2007


I’ll get round to the Kit Kat soon - bear with me.

On the short journey to Manchester by bus or train I read the free Metro newspaper. On arrival we are presented with the free City edition of the Manchester Evening News. The bloke at Victoria Station always says 'Thank you very much indeed sweetheart ' when I accept a copy from him.

We are bombarded by news from every angle on TV mobile ceefax web etc. On BBC news 24 there’s instant news on demand at any moment of the day, except in the early morning when you most want it. At this time they insist on showing the boring ‘Breakfast’ programme.

God knows how the Daily papers survive. Fortunately, if I can be bothered to walk round the corner, I can buy the guardian for 25p - I live in a student area and it’s subsidized.

Receiving so much news ‘does my ‘ead in’.

But a recent item in the free Metro has focused on a crucial issue concerning my snack of choice. Now this merits further discussion.

Mr Jason Philip of London bit into his Kit Kat only to find that it had no wafer inside, just plain milk chocolate. And it wasn’t just one finger either but all four bars. Jason was incredulous and asked Metro readers for suggestions about how this phenomenon could occur.

I googled ‘Kit Kat no wafer’ and found a blog entry by Graeme Woafe that described one with wafers oriented vertically. This writer refers to Jason’s 100% chocolate bar as the holy grail of Kit Kats.

What do you think? Graeme is entitled to his preferences, but surely If there’s no wafer you might has well have bought a Yorkie!

Now, whether you pay 25p or 70p, the Guardian simply doesn’t address itself to these contentious issues.



Blogger Dave G said...

I had a Kit Kat like that once, told the guy in the shop and he said "Yeah a few people have brought them back to complain" no pleasing some people.

4:45 pm  
Blogger Gorilla Bananas said...

I am pretty sure this happens quite often. It's like men with retracted willies. They think they're freaks, but actually they're 2% of the population or whatever.

5:36 pm  
Anonymous NiC said...

Hmmm, yes heard about this (from a freebie London Paper I think!)...why would anyone complain about getting an almost edible product (ie: it is 100% "choc" albeit inferior Nestle choc) rather than a puke inducing one?

Leaving aside the moral issues in buying any Nestles products that is. :)

I'm sure the Grauni will get round to it. Probably.

6:23 pm  
Blogger Betty said...

Yeah, the letters in the Metro are often a bit strange. I think it's because they're written by commuters early in the morning when they're not quite awake. There was a long running series of letters along the lines of "who would win in a fight between a magpie and an eagle?"

6:57 pm  
Blogger stitchwort said...

Yorkies are not for girls. So I don't buy them.

Grauniad for 25p? Round here, anything for students is twice the price - they are the rich ones.

7:31 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Dave: What a missed opportunity. You could have sold your story to the Metro.

G.B: Thanks for sharing that info with me. I haven’t seen enough willies recently to check its accuracy.
But I’ll keep trying.

Nic: So you aren’t a Kit Kat fan.
Re the Nestle’s connection - I eat them furtively in the presence of certain people.
But we can’t all be perfect all the time.

Betty: At least the Metro doesn’t make you feel guilty because more than half of it remains unread.

Difficult to say - Manchester is supposed to have the highest density of magpies in UK - but you don’t see many eagles.

Stitch: Cadbury’s flakes are for girls and I love them.
I was given a free one last night at the cinema. They are promoting the new dark choc variety.

The Grauni does it to ensure their future readership. Don’t know whether it works.

7:48 pm  
Blogger Ruby in Bury said...

I've had Kit Kats like that a couple of times. Not completely made of chocolate, but with hardly any wafer in them. They were best ever and I live in hope of getting another. I don't know why I don't just buy chocolate bars really.

1:00 am  
Blogger Geoff said...

I've missed the Metro this week as I've been at home. I've also missed the London Lite and my favourite feature "guess the celebrity". My favourite one so far was a picture of a man mowing the lawn, another picture of a man mowing the lawn and a picture of a lamb....Mo Mowlam!

I'm waiting for them to do Edward Woodward as that's one of my favourite jokes.

12:17 pm  
Blogger Beth said...

Like Ruby, I had one once and live in hope that it'll happen again. Simply buying solid chocolate in the first place isn't the point, it's all about the drama!

(it's ok to eat 'nestle' product as long as you pronounce it 'nessels', no one knew they were evil in those days)

1:32 pm  
Blogger nuttycow said...

Bizarely enough, I'm sitting here eating a KitKat as we type. It has bloody wafer in it though.

I too have always wanted one of these fabled all chocolate ones. So much in fact that it's changed the way I eat them. I now break them in half (to see if there's any wafer) then eat the end (until I hit the wafer) and ditto the sides, top and bottom.

I always thought that if you got a fully chocolate one, you sent it off to 'nessels' and they sent you a year's worth of free chocolate.

1:40 pm  
Blogger Murph said...

Oz likes to get his teeth into a little Yorkie but their owners normally object.

There's a place in Lancaster called Haverbreak and Mr P. always says "Have a Kit Kat" like a Pavlovian Dog when we walk by.

2:27 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Ruby: It ‘s beginning to dawn on me that the Nestle people have a cunning plan to keep us buying KitKats.

Geoff: It’s the way you tell ‘em.
I also like the Edward Woodward joke - but I’ve never liked him - I enjoyed the end of the wicker man.

Beth: Exactly - Nessels have obviously worked out the psychology of snacking.

Nutty: I think the days of a ‘year of free chocolate’ are long gone.
Ooh - I’m beginning to get cravings now.

Murph: As you know I’m from Lancashire so I’d love to get my teeth into a little Yorkie.
Mr P is obviously an extremely witty chap - Show some respect!

6:33 pm  
Blogger coolbuddha said...

For a time Nestle did Kit Kat in white chocolate, and I think there was a caramel version as well. Damn those evil multi-nationals...
Mind you, wish I hadn't eaten it - could be worth a fortune on eBay.

7:00 am  
Blogger KAZ said...

..and just think how slim you would be.

You were up early this morning! Had you forgotten it was Saturday?

7:57 am  
Blogger stitchwort said...

And nobody reads blogs on Saturday!

8:38 am  
Blogger KAZ said...

Stitch: I think I may revise that theory.

9:51 am  
Anonymous Fidel said...

What is it with Guardian readers and food scares huh?

Worse still its saturday night and I'm on the blogger. Fek.

9:41 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Who are you?
It could be worse - you could be playing Freecell.

10:24 am  
Blogger todaysdaze said...

the kit kat without the wafer is awesome, it must be something to do with the unexpected, and maybe a bit of feeling like you are "the chosen one" anyway the chocolate is really good and nothing like those nasty yorkies. English chocolate rocks...hersey chocolate on the other hand is awful.

9:26 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Hello td:
Glad we can do something rght.
We have pretty low esteem her at present.

9:55 am  
Blogger OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

We have Kitkat here in Canada, I like the chunky Kitkats, they also have peanut butter Kitkat here, which are cr*p in my opinion.
is it pronounced... nes..lee or nes..sul over here they say nes..lee

4:32 pm  
Anonymous Aaron said...

I have had a waferless 4-finger kitkat, and also a waferless chunky kit kat. It is the best surprise in the world ever! I will keep on buying kitkats in the hope that one day it might happen again!

I'm also hoping for an 'air-less' kit kat easter egg one year. I live in hope.

2:45 pm  
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