Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gi' s a job??

Panic not - I have no intention of giving up idling. However, for an absolutely maximum salary and absolutely minimum hours - these are some jobs I might consider.

Last week in Spain, we watched ‘The Big Lebowki’ on DVD. The soundtrack was fab. It had Dylan, both Elvises, Gypsy Kings, Booker T, Santana, a nice aria and a bit of Mozart.
I’m sure The Coens, Tarantino, Scorcese or Almodovar would be overjoyed to have me on the team to choose the sounds.
I could e mail my list and they could put the cheque in the post.
Murph stared it all with the suggestion that I should be a picture researcher. Sounds great. I'd get paid for doing what I already do and some other bugger could deal with copyright issues.

Other ideas?

Next has a massive store in Manchester Arndale. The clothes are rubbish. I would be an advisor In the style of Meryl Streep in ‘The Devil wears Prada’.

*Get rid of that daft bit of tape - Those olive green combats don’t need pink embroidery. That’s a nice T shirt but why does it say chrysanthemum on it? And why do you think we need our shirt stitched into a tank top? What happens if the weather turns warm? *

And WHAT is this?
I could do a bit of window dressing at Harvey Nicks across the road.
I’d just say ‘Put a duck in the window!’ and send them the bill.

And what about the millions of apartments going up in the city? Those show flats need designing. I’d just flick through the pages of ‘Elle Decoration’ and do a bit of ordering on line.
But hold on … Lebowski didn’t work did he?

OK - Let’s forget it! Silly idea anyway.


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Blogger MJ said...

When asked what he did for recreation, the Dude responded, "I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback."

That's livin', Kaz. That's livin.

p.s. I loved the scene of John Turturro's character "Jesus" licking the bowling ball.

12:56 am  
Blogger Murph said...

Sadly some pratt did actually say "Put a Duck in the Window" and did actually get paid wads for that brilliant flash of genius.
Talk about working for canard!!!

I suppose Elle Decoration is the white paint they throw at the walls in Spain?

6:51 am  
Blogger tony said...

(An Old Polish Saying I just made up)
"If In Doubt, Do Nowt"

7:46 am  
Blogger I, like the view said...

so what's on today's soundtrack KAZ?

(could you do one for [cricketing] dave's, ah-hem, 37th, *cough splutter* birthday party this Saturday for me? find his extravaganza blog on my profile page, if you have the time that is - don't want to disturb your idling)(maybe you could come up with a dress code too?)

ta love

(I'll owe you one!)

9:56 am  
Blogger Old Wom Tigley said...

''Put is on the Bill'' what more can I say... that will have me chuckling all day now.

10:19 am  
Blogger KAZ said...

He certainly had the right idea - except - why on earth did he add milk to his drinks!?

Bilingual puns - now that is impressive.

Any employment ideas for Mr. P here?

Sounds more like Yorkshire to me!

I've had a go ... over at yours.

Comment is free. Just don't ask for advice.

10:37 am  

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