Sunday, September 30, 2007


Friday morning:

  • Toast, marmalade and coffee as usual (best meal of the day)
  • Checked blog and e mails
  • Messed about
  • Had bath, got dressed
  • Drove to 'Pets r Us' to buy bird seed for Kev's feeder
  • Called in B&Q for picture hooks
  • Drove home, parked car
  • Walked to 'Gaffas' for 25p Guardian
  • Called in at Sainsbury's - traipsed round for quite a while as they've had a makeover and you can't find a bloody thing.
  • Came home
  • Unpacked

  • Bent down to remove Docs ..... and ......

    How does a person do this?

    Do you think I need a carer?

    And - Yes - I know they need cleaning but do you think I've got time on my hands?

    To look on the bright side - the area is packed with the new intake of students now. They probably thought it was a strange Mancunian custom.

    Do you think this would have looked better


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    Blogger Murph said...

    You're not making this up are you Kaz?

    Are those wine stains on the boots? That might explain it.

    And doesn't Kev's bird feeder deserve to be taken out to a Pizza Hut from time to tim?

    6:10 pm  
    Blogger KAZ said...

    I really wish I was making it up - I felt like a 100% PRAT .. the Sauvignon just runs straight off.

    Who's tim?

    8:10 pm  
    Blogger Old Wom Tigley said...

    ha! thats quite a 'senior moment' for a girl young enough to be wearing 'Doc'. ;)

    Always liked Docs since my skin head days... now alas just a bald slap head in slippers ha!

    12:03 am  
    Blogger Rimshot said...

    woah! How many pairs of Docs do you have?

    color me jealous!

    1:22 am  
    Blogger Dave said...

    *Resolves not to buy a second pair of Docs, in case he ever gets old*

    9:03 am  
    Blogger MJ said...

    I have blue docs. What size are you? Maybe we can do an exchange.

    Does it make you feel better that I often have mismatched socks?

    9:59 am  
    Blogger KAZ said...

    When I was young I wore silly shoes - like 8 inch platforms to make me taller.

    btw - How does your bald head fit into the slippers?

    Too many for one small person. There used to be a special Doc Marten's shop in Manchester - good thing it closed.

    What are you suggesting?.
    You'll be sorry when the fashion really gets going.

    Think not - you look like supermodel size (I'm size 3/36)
    All my socks are black.

    10:23 am  
    Blogger Mopsa said...

    Blimey girl - how many Doc Martens do you own? (whoops - Rimshot said the same thing, but really.....). Dig those red ones.

    11:05 am  
    Anonymous Diddums said...

    Mum said once that wearing odd socks is supposed to be lucky - I wonder if it's the same for shoes? I also wonder if it's still lucky if you do it deliberately - maybe it inverses or nixes it!

    2:03 pm  
    Blogger MJ said...

    Ha! We're the same size! I take a European shoe size 36!

    As for the socks, I am capable of mixing up different black socks according to texture and length.

    2:32 pm  
    Blogger MJ said...

    And those red docs would go nicely with my tights, don't you think?

    2:33 pm  
    Anonymous NiC said...

    Heh, heh..I like it. Must admit I have done similar but always noticed before getting out the door.

    I think the White and Red would have definitely been mistaken for a fashion may have got away with the same thought for brown and black. I'm pretty sure I've seen friends of my kids do the same with different colour Baseball boots.

    If you're to pull it off you need to do it again. Regularly.

    4:39 pm  
    Blogger tony said...

    Put Your Best Foot Forward Girl!
    "25p Guardian" ?How do you do that?
    Dont forget to buy next week's Observer.Talking Heads DVD!

    8:21 pm  
    Blogger KAZ said...

    Those are the red suede ones - I also have the red leather ones.

    I hope it is - but if it was OK to do it deliberately we'd all do it all the time.

    Wow long legs and tiny feet - wot a gal!
    I buy mine in bulk from ASDA ... all identical.

    Red docs - leather or suede? see above.

    How I didn't notice I can't imagine.
    Red and white is too much associated with a football team round here.

    Perhaps I'll try the cream suede with the tan leather tomorrow.

    8:31 pm  
    Blogger KAZ said...

    You sneaked in while I answered the phone - thanks for telling me about the Observer - it costs a massive 60p!
    One advantage of living in studentville.

    8:34 pm  
    Blogger I, like the view said...

    this happened to me, but with two different sized pairs of black converse all stars, so not visually obvious but it felt very strange until I realised what had happened

    9:33 pm  
    Blogger Gareth said...

    You are a Mancunian style icon.

    10:48 pm  
    Blogger KAZ said...

    Visually's the word.
    It's not as if I was blindfolded.
    Did you walk with a limp?

    And it sounds so much better in a Welsh accent!!

    11:58 am  
    Blogger MJ said...

    Suede or leather? As it rains here all the time, I'll choose leather.

    ASDA? Is that the same as ASBO? I can't keep track of your Brit speak.

    2:54 pm  
    Blogger KAZ said...

    Are you sure you don't really live in Manchester?


    3:52 pm  
    Blogger MJ said...

    Walmart? Oh the horror. Does ASDA employ "greeters" who meet and greet you at the door like Walmart does? Complete with big fake American-style smiles?

    3:59 pm  
    Blogger KAZ said...

    There are greeters - but they just say 'a'reet luv'

    8:48 pm  
    Blogger stitchwort said...

    Those hoverers by the door always look as if they're checking for shoplifting.

    And in one local Asda they do locally accented, incomprehensible and garbled announcements by loudspeaker that slightly deaf Southerners have trouble hearing, and hope it's nothing actually important, like the store's on fire.

    11:09 am  
    Blogger stitchwort said...

    Oh, and nice boots; none of mine are trad lace up boots - 2 sorts of sandals and some zip boots.

    11:11 am  
    Anonymous NiC said...

    Oh gawd, fait point you wouldn't want to be considered a Man U fan!

    Though I thought they all lived in the West Country anyway ;)

    11:35 am  
    Blogger KAZ said...

    We get those local announcements too - one guy thinks he's a comedian.

    Do you mean Doc sandals? I've really fancied some of those for some time
    I'll start a new fashion for wearing them in winter with sripey socks.

    Yes - but the West of which country??.

    3:30 pm  
    Blogger Roses said...

    Damn. Late to the party again!

    I like your style. Sure it's not Merlot?

    5:37 pm  
    Blogger Betty said...

    I sometimes mismatch earrings.

    Perhaps you should attach string to your pairs of Docs to avoid any more confusion.

    8:21 pm  
    Blogger KAZ said...

    Only Sauvignon or Vodka!

    Hey - I remember you ... yodel yodel !

    But how would I walk upstairs?

    9:28 pm  
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