Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Death of Middle Age

Do you recognise this nice old git?

I'm delighted that he hasn't copied Sir Paul's henna ('cos he's worth it') or Sir Elton's postiche. Unlike Debbie Harry he hasn't had a few face lifts, 11 injections of sheep's embryos or injection of (re)growth hormones.

I remember Lucy Mangan saying "Madonna has devoted her life to looking 12 in Lycra". It was in an article mourning the death of middle age.

When Blondie hit our screens in 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' men lusted and women envied. In spite of my brown hair and spare tyre, I donned a long jumper and stripey tights, bared my left shoulder and adopted an attitude.

Only women liked the guy in the picture. He had twinkly eyes.

One of my students stalked him and appeared on TV flinging herself onto the stage when he appeared at the Apollo. She later became a committed lesbian.

Here he is.

I don't think I'll be queuing for tickets. But I'll probably feel a bit wistful when he sings 'A Winter's Tale' at Christmas.

Well we all have our little secrets.




Blogger Roses said...

I think he looks rather dishy. In fact, more dishy than in his hey-day, I would argue.

Which is more than I can say for Debbie Harry. Perhaps, it's just the unflattering pictures, but I'm not seeing the beautiful 60+ that the Daily Mail was going on about.

I know that if I spent 3 hours a day running, doing yoga, pilates etc, I too would have a body worthy of Madonna. But unfortunately, even that can't motivate me off my couch, which is quite comfortable.

8:47 am  
Blogger Mopsa said...

Aargh! some problem with posting this so hope my comment doesn't appear twice. But I was truly gobsmacked - that;s never the curly haired Mr Essex?? And if it is it bears no resemblance to the man I remember. But yes, he looks swell, unlike Ms Harry who looks swollen - her face stretched beyond natural endurance. What a shame - with looks like hers she was guaranteed to grow old gorgeously - but no longer.

9:21 am  
Blogger Dave said...

My name's David, I come from near Essex (well, I could see it across the river from my bedroom window when I was a lad) and I have eschewed cosmetics treatments.

He could be my (older) double.

9:26 am  
Blogger stitchwort said...

But it's OK for men to age, not so for women - after all, women's looks are everything, aren't they?

And it's strange how David Essex still sounds the same, whereas Blondie....

(and I recognised him in the first photo - but then, the show was in Newcastle recently)

11:01 am  
Blogger Betty said...

I suppose Debbie Harry was considered so good looking when she was younger that growing older was always going to be a problem. Being a rock star, having grey hair and wearing navy blue box pleated skirts don't really mix, do they?

David Essex ... when I think of him I remember having very strong feelings at an age when my body didn't quite understand what those feelings were. Ahem.

11:17 am  
Blogger Kate said...

Is that David Essex? Wow, he still scrubs up well!

1:46 pm  
Blogger Geoff said...

I thought it was Peter Gabriel.

David goes to West Ham matches home and away so he's alright in my books.

Then again so does Noel Edmonds.


1:53 pm  
Blogger MJ said...

Did someone mention stripey tights?

2:39 pm  
Blogger Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Kaz, I was thrown by the first picture, I thought I was dead clever because I knew who it was...
Well it wasn't who I was thinking of at all.
That first picture looks like 'Science Officer Ash (Ian Holm)from the film Alien.
Where as Debbie Harry just looks like the alien.

3:00 pm  
Anonymous NiC said...

Hmmm...last time I saw him he looked bleeding awful but the new cropped look seems to have done him a lot of favours...including, apparently, removing a very craggy looking face. A wonder what a hair cut can do (particularly when coupled with some heavy photoshop work on the wrinkles).

Mrs.Planarchy had a thing for him when she was younger too...but also David Soul!!!!! and Marc Bolan (fair enough).

3:02 pm  
Blogger stitchwort said...

Grey hair and navy blue box pleated skirts?

These days even OAPs wear jeans, hoodies and Docs (and some of us have not a trace of grey).

4:25 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

I can't help thinking that Debbie should have eaten fewer pies.

Surely you can get lots of exercise on a couch!

I've never known someone change so dramatically and yet so successfully.

You're right about Debbie - she'll never smile again.

Perhaps your time has come.

Good point - pity she couldn't just look after herself and be brave like David.

Do you think Robert Plant will wear sta-prest trousers and a cardi with a zipper?

I understood my feelings for David perfectly well.

And now he can scrub his head as well.

David and Russell - what a pity you had to spoil it!

Debbie got there first.
But she didn't look as good as you (of course).

Nice one.
I wonder who would be more pleased with the comparison - David or Debbie?

Photoshop, Botox or both?

But he's a few years younger than I am and I don't have wrinkles - of course.

I didn't get David Soul.

4:32 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

I confine my grey hair to the roots - so the hoodie comes in useful.

4:34 pm  
Blogger Murph said...

After watching David Essex acting in "The River" I nearly became a committed lesbian myself.

5:45 pm  
Blogger Gareth said...

Until the reveal I was having some lustful thoughts.

7:04 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

I followed your link to find out about 'The River'.
I see you played the role of Dave's partner "the neurotic, sharp-tongued Sarah MacDonald (Murphy)".

So this explains your proclivities.

So you didn't fancy the young David then?

And I always thought we had similar tastes.

10:25 pm  
Blogger I, like the view said...

sorry about this, but. . .

is he more
too much more than a pretty face
It's so strange the way you talk it's a disgrace.

I know
I've been out of style for a short while
But I don't care how cold you are
I'm coming home soon
I'm gonna make you a star

he says he's into his music but I don't believe him
He just doesn't seem to understand the rock media.

I know
I'm not super hip and I'm liable to take a slip
But I don't care how cold you are
I'm coming home soon.
I'm gonna make you a star

We gonna make you a star
haa haa
we gonna make you a star.
is he more
too much more than a pretty face
. . .

Star yeah

We gonna make you a star

11:07 pm  
Blogger Inexplicable DeVice said...

Shit! That's David Essex?!

* rethinks preconceptions *

I was with Old Wom Tigley (not literally, you understand) in thinking of Ian Holm as Ash.

10:13 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

I sang along with every word.

But - Ian never really cut the mustard - whereas Dave still does.

9:52 am  
Blogger ziggi said...

my god! I thought it was Richard Stilgo(e?) !

He did something where he was a lock-keeper, I quite liked that.

6:28 pm  
Blogger tony said...

"Silver Dream Machine" is now a song about Hair?
Emmylou Harris with her gray locks & pension book still looks A Sex Godess..........

7:39 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

That was the one that drove Murph to lesbianism - see above.

Sex Godess with a pension book - remind me of anyone?

Thanks for reminder - got Talking Heads with 60p Observer this morning.
Great film - saw it at Cornerhouse when it was first released.

2:55 pm  
Anonymous Cheryl said...

he looks like he's grown an IQ!

Maybe until he moves, or opens his mouth....

I must admit I'd like to go see this.

8:58 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Welcome to my first visitor from Facebook.

7:11 am  

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