Monday, December 10, 2007

Going away

It was the name of Dave's blog (Mental Meanderings of an Old Man) that attracted me.

At first I made the mistake of believing his stories . When he realised that I actually thought he was a lollipop man from Clayton he was deeply offended .
Last September he took a short break but came back cheeky as ever and told us he'd been ill but was better. After a couple more posts he stopped. I popped over a few times but didn't read the comments until last week when I found a message from his daughter - Dave had died suddenly on November 17th.

It's hard to describe the shock. Although we never met I knew him well. My grief was (and is) heartfelt and genuine.

I don't know how Middy (Midnight Meanderings) found me.

At first, he blogged about life in a suit complete with PowerPoint presentations and office politics. But Middy is a soldier (the only one I 'know') and soon came the call to arms.

He has bravely kept his blog going from Afghanistan via e mail and the portaloo internet facilities. Life out there sounds horrendous - but he tells it all with humour.
Middy is a womaniser - a bit macho but definitely in touch with his feminine side. He's been missing his pussy (see pic) while overseas.

He'll soon be coming home for some Christmas leave.

No comments here today - thought you might like to go over here and wish him Bon voyage and Bon Noel.

And you lot over there in my blogroll....
Just bloody well look after yourselves - OK!


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