Wednesday, March 19, 2008


There are some pictures below.

The first two I took in Manchester yesterday and the rest are shamelessly stolen from t'internet as usual.

Which is the odd one out??

Facetious and Clever dickey answers will be considered.


The PRIZE is a Do It Yourself VOODOO kit.

I bet you already have a victim in mind. Good luck.




Blogger Murph said...

Hah! First!!!

This quiz is a bit tough, I'm goin to have to come back later.

The "Torpid Liver" belonged to Nixon didn't it?

5:20 pm  
Blogger The Poet Laura-eate said...

Your voodoo kit is safe from me!

I have no head for quizzes, alas.

5:43 pm  
Blogger Betty said...

Gordon's Caravans. The US presidents wouldn't be seen dead on a caravanning holiday. Gordon, being a tight Scotsman, always goes on caravan holidays to Rhyl on a two for the price of one offer with Margaret Beckett.

6:00 pm  
Blogger Geoff said...

Is it Clinton?

(close but no cigar)

6:36 pm  
Blogger MJ said...

I don't know the answer but there IS somebody who always beats me at croquet so I need the Voodoo Kit.

6:38 pm  
Blogger Vicus Scurra said...

Is it Nixon? All the rest played for Doncaster Rovers in the 1933-34 season.

6:48 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

'Un point' for making that link.

I decided to look up the word 'torpid'.
Here it is - (at Oxford University) a second boat of a college, or its crew; (in pl) the Lent term races of eight-oared clinker-built boats.

.... apart from the more usual 'sluggish' definition.

I'm no good at quizzes either.
I sit through University Challenge in an agony of ignorance.

Is Margaret still alive?
If so - this would be a bargain as £325 0 0d divided by 2 = £162 10s 0d.
Oops I nearly typed p instead of d.

Pity he didn't use the cigar on Hillary.
Barack might have sailed in while she writhed in pleasure.

You must have good eyesight to read the bit about croquet. I don't know how to do 'click to big' like you do.
Have you heard of John Prescott?

Now you're really getting into the spirit of this.
Sadly - Carter also played for Doncaster in September 1933 - so this is the wrong answer.

8:11 pm  
Blogger Malc said...

President Gordon was the only one who was 'gay and speedy'.

10:26 pm  
Anonymous Rimshot said...

I'm going to go with the Regan ad, as all the others have the name of a political figure and that one has the name of a comedian (Brian Regan). Yes, the obvious politician/comedian jokes are acknowledged.

Had it said "Reagan" I would have guessed otherwise.

Regardless, have a happy and safe Easter weekend! Much love to you and all your readers/contributors.

5:43 am  
Blogger KAZ said...

'Was' is the word.
An excellent answer.

I watched a video of your Brian on U tube.
He's good.
Mancunians can't spell for tofee.

8:48 am  
Blogger ziggi said...


It's his first name, he's still nominally in charge, he's not American, nor been a president of the US of A, his add is in B&W, he wasn't voted in . . .etc

I like the sound of those liver pills, can they really do all that?!

I need the Voodoo kit my wand has broken.

9:26 am  
Blogger CyberPete said...

Gay and speedy? -a caravan?

I don't think so!

*shudders at the mere thought of that statement*

11:28 am  
Blogger garfer said...

The first one because there is a mong in a stupid woolly hat in it. He probably couldn't afford a can of cider let alone a caravan. Typical northerner.

I would like to stick needles in Jeffry Archer. No need for a voodoo kit.

12:04 pm  
Blogger Mopsa said...

Gordon only wishes he was the president of our world

2:16 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Wand broken? I think not - you obviously used your witchy powers to solve this knotty problem.

So -- no Voodoo kit for you, but I'll see if I can manage a few liver pills.

This is a very old advert so it could be 'Gay' in the old sense.
But 'speedy' never.

I gave that Mong a wide berth as he was giving out something to passers by. Perhaps this pic will be able to help the police with their enquiries.

Use knives for Jeff - needles are too kind.

But sometimes he looks a bit sad - do you ever think he regrets taking over from Tony?

3:49 pm  
Blogger stitchwort said...

Although President Reagan was spelled thus, there is also apparently a Donald Regan who was White House chief of staff in 1985; so Gordon is the only name not belonging to a top US politician.

But I think the Little Liver Pills are the odd one out - that's the only one you might actually swallow....

4:15 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Spot on!
Those LaCoste trainers must be named after Donald.
You'd need a very large dose of salt to swallow any of what the others tell us.

9:09 pm  
Blogger CyberPete said...

You are right, but even with the old meaning of the word gay, it's not a word I'd associate with a caravan

caravans are the devil

11:31 am  
Blogger Old Wom Tigley said...

Wasn't 'Gordon' the President of the Mormons.
and all the rest were Morons who were Presidents.

;o) Tom

11:44 am  
Blogger tony said...

I Always Wanted a "Little Liver".................

12:35 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Wasn't there a dance called 'Gay Gordons'?
Caravans are the sperm of the devil.

Excellent theory.
Do you remember Jilted John?

Is that as in little raver - if your liver was little you'd have to lay off the booze.

10:58 am  
Blogger Dave said...

Is it the liver pills, as they are the only one featuring a young lady with a piercing in a personal region?

12:51 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Eeeouch - but you shouldn't be looking Dave.

3:17 pm  
Blogger CyberPete said...

Gay Gordon?

Sounds like pink gin to me

11:45 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

NO - pink gin is much much more interesting.

10:19 am  

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