Monday, May 05, 2008

Time for Tea

So - KAZ is no 1 on Google for "Bullingdon club tea shirt".

The spelling suggests that the searcher wasn't a member of that exclusive educated society - unless it's referring to a special chemise worn when taking afternoon tea on the lawn.
Oh and I checked - I'm also numero uno for Bullingdon tee shirts. OK - I'm a saddo, but it is a wet bank holiday.
Don't you think it's ironic that a person from Manchester should hold this honour?
Look at this

Yes - a seat was lost to the Lib Dems (very popular in South Manchester as they're good with wheelie bins) who took it from the Greens.
But where did that C1 come from? There hasn’t been a Conservative councillor round here since 1996.
It turns out the Manchester electorate did not choose a Conservative. This guy defected from the Lib Dems earlier this year.

His seat won’t be up for re election until 2011!
Although this amused me - I also find it upsetting.
Nowadays, the Conservatives have to show respect for Equal ops - but their beliefs are not traditionally associated with championing the causes of Ethnic minorities, gays, women etc.. Remember Boris and his Picaninnies?

The original ‘Race relations’ acts were passed in 1965 and 1968 by the Wilson government. The Law of 1976 made racial discrimination unlawful in employment, training, housing, education and the provision of goods, facilities and services.
These were the guys responsible..

OK - that’s enough on politics.
My next post will be about my grandma.



Blogger tony said...

Who Does your Grandma Vote For ? :)

11:45 am  
Blogger CyberPete said...

So I'm guessing the conservative is the pale looking one.

I quite fancy the other one though. Who's he, and do you have his number?

The guy in the second photo all the way to the right looks a bit like a pissed off Christopher Cazenove (you know, 80s actor who was in that 3 men and a baby part 2 and played Blakes brother Ben on Dynasty and yes I know one other role he did. He played opposite Sharon Stone in a Danielle Steel like movie Tears in the Rain)

Oh yes I know my 80s B actors, and yes I'm proud of it too.

Lovely tea

12:05 pm  
Blogger Murph said...

It's blazing sunshine down here in Tory Town Kaz.

12:24 pm  
Blogger Geoff said...

Murph beat me to it. The sun shines on the righteous.

12:29 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Labour - she saw the light in her later years.

No - you can’t have him - he’s a bad person with no principles whatsoever.

That photo is about 30 years old and the guy is Tony Benn - possibly Britain’s last living true socialist.
I don’t think he was the Ben on Dynasty... but you’re the expert.

So why are you sitting in front of the computer?

See previous comment.
It’ll be up here with the lefties tomorrow.

12:42 pm  
Blogger MJ said...

I could murder a nice cuppa tea right about now.

And an Eccles cake.

1:22 pm  
Blogger CyberPete said...

Bad as in, you've been a very bad boy *spank* or bad as in sent mother Theresa to jail?

I'm not too picky about either really. Especially not if his nose is anything to go by.

Now where are the drinks womanm it's almost cocktail hour!

2:27 pm  
Blogger MJ said...


Looks like CyberPete's well into the cocktails.

2:30 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Ever tried a Chorley cake - from my home town?
Similar to Eccles but better.

How about a nice cuppa with mj?

What time is it in Denmark?
Surely not Happy Hour yet - it's not even tea time.

3:15 pm  
Blogger CyberPete said...

It's always cocktail hour Kaz dear


3:20 pm  
Blogger Malc said...

Sunshine all the way on Orkney, where the Lib-Dems are in a whopping majority.

Is Faraz any relation of the Bhatti brothers from Manchester who tried to shut down Wolves and sell Molineux for development? Bastards.

Looking at the picture of David Cameron, I'm sure his facial features are disappearing - he'll look like an egg pretty soon.

8:53 am  
Blogger KAZ said...

Well it's always cocktail hour somewhere in the world.

I don't know - but I guess that Faraz probably is related to them.

You're right about Dave - his eyes, nose and mouth seem to be moving closer and closer to the centre of his face where they will eventually disappear.

It'll be a boiled egg with the shell removed.

10:37 am  
Blogger Gordie said...

The Manchester Guardian did spend last week trying to frighten people off Boris, but I think London is not like Manchester.

I have just received a planning objection to the redevelopment of Pets' Corner in Astley Park. The Internet is a strange place.

10:49 am  
Blogger Old Wom Tigley said...

I can not recall the chap in the center but I remember Wilson.. and Mr Benn

11:33 am  
Blogger KAZ said...

Manchester Guardian? Well it wouldn't be the Manchester Evening News - they would probably love him.

Astley Park in Chorley?
There used to be a lot of heavy petting went on there.

It's James Callaghan.

That was a lovely video - I'd forgotton that Mr Benn.
And, of course, Mr. Wilson was a friend of Dennis the Menace.

4:08 pm  
Blogger stitchwort said...

Sun here for the Bank Holiday Monday too.

Love the thought of D. C. as an egg.

Round here the BNP did depressingly well - one of my votes went to the party I usually support, the other went to the candidate who knocked on the door and was pleasant.

Manifesto? Manifesto? Irrelevant - they never do what they say they're going to, anyway.

5:30 pm  
Blogger CyberPete said...

I'm a bit worried Kaz darling, are we not dipping into the vodka as much these days?

*calls his barboy*

6:23 pm  
Blogger The Birdwatcher said...

Is Callaghan whispering to Tony Benn, " Eric Hefer has just called you a stuck up public school toff" ?Wilson looks mildly amused anyway.

10:22 pm  
Blogger Mopsa said...

Oh but it's late an dthat tea table looked SO tempting - wang me a cream bun KAZ.

11:08 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

It was gorgeous here today and everyone was back at work so we had the Peak District to ourselves.

Was he Mr 'Nice but Dim'?

But only after 6 .... pm .. that is ...BST.

Delicious - but shouldn't a fit dog like you be eating Pedigree Chum or Bakers Complete?

I'd almost forgotten Eric.
No need to wonder what he would think of Boris?

8:41 am  
Blogger I, still, ♥ the views said...

beautifully sunny here, glad you got some at last


looking forward to reading about your grandma. . .

9:37 am  
Blogger Donn said...

I have little doubt that a celebraTORYal statue of Mrs. Thatcher will be erected in Trafalgar and monument will be positioned reaching out for Nelson's Column...
casting a dark shadow over the city for years to come.

12:35 pm  
Blogger ziggi said...

"Whichever party is in office, the Treasury is in power."

Harold Wilson

3:55 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

We certainly did - and a friend tells me it's pouring down on the Costa del Sol.
Come and meet gran tomorrow.

You have an amazing ability to predict the future.
By the time she pegs out the Tories will be in power and they will make it happen.

True of the country and the most humble of homes.
Harold had a bit of trouble with 'the pound in his pocket'.

9:44 pm  
Blogger Midnight said...

Didn't Enoch lead the way on Tory policy on ethnic minorities?

10:32 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

He certainly did - with a little help from Eric Clapton.

10:43 pm  

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