Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stupid J Person

I shall not be making any New Year's resolutions .

Instead, I shall be making two resolutions for SJP.

They are ..

1: Stop saying STUPID things
2: Stop wearing STUPID things

SJP was the star of Sex in the City - I saw one episode. She has been in a few films - most of them called things like 'More Sex in the City' or ... 'Meaningless Mirthless Romcom' with Hugh Grant playing Hugh Grant .

So Sarah ....


* Stop saying STUPID things.

Sarah confided recently to GRAZIA magazine that she's finding it tough being a working mother. Sarah and hubby Mathew Broderick have a seven year old son and baby twin daughters born in June 2009.

Four weeks after the birth SJP started filming 'Sex in the City' (sequel) in New York often not getting home until 4am. Immediately after this she flew half way round the globe to film in Morocco. During all this she made visits to London and other cities to promote her new fillum'

"It's horrible being separated from my children" said Sarah - "but I just don't have a choice".

Don't have a CHOICE?!"??#*!!?!

Well actually Sarah - you do.

You could:
(a) not have babies
(b) take a career break and spend some of the earnings from your range of perfumes ...

...with appropriate advertising pictures

I haven't been a hardline, diehard, unpopular, card carrying feminist for 40 years so that you could just piss off and do exactly as you like, earn a massive fortune and then get paid more money to moan about it.

Do it if you must - then SHUT UP.

Oh and talking of CHOICE. These unfortunate brats (the twins) were the children of a surrogate mum.



* Stop wearing STUPID things.

You may remember this monstrosity.
There are many more


Blogger Dave said...

Who is she?

8:46 am  
Blogger KAZ said...

A very lucky person who was chosen to play the starring role in a very successful sit/romcom.

8:55 am  
Blogger Dave said...


9:21 am  
Blogger Roses said...

Well, if I had to get up in the morning and see that face in the mirror, with that wardrobe to clothe my scrawny body, I suppose I'd be inclined to think life was tough.

Just goes to show you don't need looks and talent to be a celebrity.

9:28 am  
Anonymous NiC said...

It would be good if she was in Corrie....I'm pretty sure Hilda would have her for breakfast. Hilda is still in it, isn't she? It's been a while since I saw Corrie.

But yes, she should certainly keep her horsey-mouth shut if this is the best she can utter. But a big NO to stopping wearing stoopid clothes as these make me laugh whenever you draw our attention to them and me laughing is generally considered to be a good thing.

10:06 am  
Blogger Steve said...

Sex In The City? Dumb & Dumberer In The City more like.

10:07 am  
Blogger KAZ said...

No - Corrie's too good for her.
P.S. I was trying to make a point about choice - a bit like one of your sermons??
OK - Thought not.

I suppose we should support the fact that you don't need looks - but lack of talent is rather suspicious.
Actually - she may have talent as far as I know.

I think Hilda took herself off to Holmfirth where she could get the Full English.
Good point re daft outfits.

I like sex and I like cities - but I never fancied this series.

10:16 am  
Blogger Vicus Scurra said...

Were I you I would resolve not to listen to this lady. I have managed without ever having heard her opinions on anything.
It seems that they are disturbing you, and should be avoided.
I hope that this helps.

11:17 am  
Blogger Rog said...

I think she gets away with it because she's so stunningly good looking. A love-child of Celine Dion and Red Rum.

The most annoying thing about her is the bloody twee "Jessica" stuck in the middle of here ordinary name.

11:40 am  
Blogger I, Like The View said...

erm, yes

(on both counts)

12:27 pm  
Blogger Geoff said...

I've never seen Friends.

12:41 pm  
Blogger Rosie said...

Yes, well, at least my face moves...and my knees are better.

12:44 pm  
Blogger zIggI said...

Hocus Pocus was good though

1:09 pm  
Blogger Scarlet Blue said...

You forgot to mention her aggravating voice...???

1:12 pm  
Blogger MJ said...

I have just one question for her...

Why the long face?

1:51 pm  
Blogger geraldgee said...

Think you people are all very unkind.Loved the bird,who's the dress?

2:01 pm  
Blogger Rol said...

I can't believe she's married to Ferris Bueller.

Whatever would Cameron say?

2:25 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

But, if you followed your own advice, you wouldn't read the Torygraph and would be denied so much fun.

Was the love child conceived before or after Celine's makeover?

Glad you took my points.

I love that game - I take pride in the not having seen of some famous feature films.
Even though I'm a big film fan.

Yes - but Nicole Kidman is the best example of pillow face.

Was it about witches?
That would explain why you liked it.

Oh yes ..."the aggravating voice".

Did she inherit it from Celine or Red Rum? (see Rog's comment).

It's people like us who will protect you from women like her.

2:38 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

I loved Ferris Bueller (and saw it before the name Cameron made me shudder.).
If you believe the gossip he's having second thoughts about his missus.

2:41 pm  
Blogger Arabella said...

I'm not surprised by the stupid things she says. But I AM surprised by the stupid things she wears; Oscar de la Renta is her best friend for goodness' sake - there's no excuse!

3:01 pm  
Blogger Istvanski said...

That horseface woman irritates me.
She has a horse's face...

3:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's a twat.

7:32 pm  
Blogger tony said...

To Be Fair, the final photo suggests she might have Irritable bowel syndrome ??????

7:37 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Yes - But a horse doesn't say and wear stupid things.

You put it so much more consinctly than I could manage.

It's no wonder her bowel gets irritable

7:58 pm  
Blogger Betty said...

Apparently she loves the smell of her babies' nappies.

Yes, well.

8:01 pm  
Blogger garfer said...

Definitely a clothes HORSE.

Not even slightly equine of course, not even a little bit.

9:31 pm  
Blogger Roses said...

The thing is, she doesn't have any friends.

If she did, they would stop her going out, looking like THAT.

12:32 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe she decided to have carneval all year round?

4:40 am  
Blogger xl said...

My personal resolution for 2010: not be charged with any felonies.

7:04 am  
Blogger KAZ said...

After answering your comment on the previous post I overlooked this one. I also called Rol Ron (that was a typo).

I looked at Oscar de la Renta's website and his clothes are wonderful.

8:58 am  
Blogger KAZ said...

Just think what we've missed.

Horses are beautiful.

I find friends unreliable in this area. I am certainly too much of a coward.

Ha Ha:
But she's a bit overdressed for that methinks.

Pity you didn't make that resolution last year :0)

9:03 am  
Blogger eroswings said...

The few times I've seen Sex and the City, it was just so I could see Samantha Jones (Kim Catrall), the best thing ever on that show! She was funny and amazing. SJP was the uninteresting character out of the bunch...

But, anyway,

Happy New Year, Kaz!!!

Cheers for a fantastic New Year full of good people, good travel, and good times!


9:29 am  
Blogger KAZ said...

Ah yes - Kim comes from Liverpool - just down the road from here.
Thanks for your good wishes.
Happy NY to you too.

12:29 pm  
Blogger Kevin Musgrove said...

Glad it's not just a man thing, then.

Sex In The City: whiny drivel. Bridget Jones Wears Prada.

And I do get irritated when people who are paid a fortune to do a job they want to do whinge on and on about how difficult it is to cope with their lifestyle choices.

1:18 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

'Having it all' is impossible.
You'd think her therapist would have told her.

4:22 pm  
Blogger I, Like The View said...

when garfer wrote clothes horse, I read clothes whore



4:26 pm  
Blogger I, Like The View said...

ops? oooooops!

4:26 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

'Clothes whore' will do very nicely.

4:58 pm  
Blogger Donnw/2nz said...

Poor Sarah is an object for your pity and not your scorn..
nevermind, carry on.

4:01 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

OK - you're probably right. But it's the twins that are to be pitied.
So I'll carry on with my strident feminist rant.

4:23 pm  
Blogger The Poet Laura-eate said...

SJP should definitely hide those knees - not her best feature.

But yes, why do people with more money than they know what to do with seem to dress so badly compared to normal people when they can afford to have everything bespoke?

9:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:45 am  

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