Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tiny Tits.

It's bloody cold isn't it?

Do you ever wonder how any of the tiny tits survive? Do they ever feel envious of the larger members of the species?

This one is all tail. Without its tail - the long tailed tit would be Britain's smallest bird.

Our smallest bird (it weighs the same as a 20p piece) is one of my favourites. The beautiful goldcrest.

I remember reading that in cold weather the tiny birds all huddle together for warmth - roosting in groups can save up to 70% of their energy .

What an excellent idea. Grown men often do it in the middle of summer.

Now some of you don't get a heating allowance and thermals aren't always enough.

[click to enlarge]

So let's all get on Twitter (teehee) and arrange a mass huddle.
We'll all meet up in East Angular because 97%of bloggers already live there.

What a wonderful way to reduce our carbon footprint.



Blogger geraldgee said...

Are you in the centre of that huddle Kaz?

4:47 pm  
Blogger Dave said...

What a good idea.

I photographed some wildlife today, but I don't thik I got any tits.

There were some birds - I'll put them on the blog tomorrow, so you can identify them for me.

4:54 pm  
Blogger Rog said...

I think you'll find that is a ball tampering huddle or something involving Stephen Fry and a digestive biscuit.

Oz & Lil are King and Queen of the East Anglian Snugglers!

4:57 pm  
Blogger Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

O I do miss the long-tailed tits that used to gather round my bird feeder - now all I get are blackbirds and magpies and it is the icicles that are growing outside.

5:07 pm  
Blogger Rog said...

PS This grumpy little fellow was in our garden today. Is it a Tit?

5:10 pm  
Blogger Scarlet Blue said...

Tsk. Rog - that's a robin that's fallen off his snowboard.

5:22 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Now that could be nice.

Bring 'em on.

Stephen Fry prefers ball tampering to digestive biscuits.
That's how he lost all that weight.

Perhaps you could find a feeder that the tits could use but the magpies couldn't.
The long tailed tits always go round in gangs.

Could it be a fieldfare?
They are winter visitors who come here for the mild weather.
Ha Ha.

Ah yes - i can see you know a tit when you see one - or at least read his comments.

5:35 pm  
Blogger white rabbit said...


You are a wag, you are...

Yours, hugely amused,

A Rabbit

5:39 pm  
Blogger tony said...

I console flat-chested Women by saying "The Nearer The Bone, The Sweeter The Meat".
(I would tell them the truth but I'm chicken.)

5:46 pm  
Blogger Macy said...

Tony - Yeah, I can just see that line working.

5:52 pm  
Blogger Macy said...

Hem sorry Kaz. I was about to suggest a mass migration of all bloggers north to meet the remaining 3% outwith North Angular.
We've got snow here you know..

5:53 pm  
Blogger xl said...

Are there thermal or heated kilts available? Just curious.

6:17 pm  
Blogger BEAST said...

I would say there are certainly a few blue tits around at the moment

6:46 pm  
Blogger Steve said...

The tits in my garden are doing fine - we put food out for them everyday. In fact I spend more on tits than I do on my packing up for lunch. A sentence I'd never thought I'd see myself typing.

6:53 pm  
OpenID moreidlethoughts said...

You'd be welcome to huddle here, but I suggest you bring snorkels!

(Love the "click to enlarge" instruction.Just one click?)

7:31 pm  
Blogger Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

Perhaps you could find a feeder that the tits could use but the magpies couldn't.

That was at the old house - the builders who bought and gutted the house also got rid of their rose tree - a bit sad for the tits but I've no regrets about moving on.

7:37 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Wag eh?
Not the Alderley Edge brigade I assure you.

See Macy below!!

In Scotland?
But no one really cares until it hits Hampshire - do they?

You mean an electric sporran.
Mmm - what a comforting thought.

Ha Ha!
The old ones are the best.

You have your priorities right - whichever way you interpret it.

OK - I'll be over with sou'wester and galoshes.

I'm sure the tits moved on as well.
Glad you made a wise move.

7:56 pm  
Blogger Geoff said...

Why hug in East Angular when Vicus has opened his Hampshire estate to us all?

I think the bloke in the thermals is trying to tell us how many inches he's got. (In his neck of the woods).

8:16 pm  
Blogger Donnw/2nz said...

The gentleman in the thermals appears to be part Homo Erectus...which is fales advertising and silly because everyone knows aboot the c-c-cold shrinkage effect.

I am man enough to admit that I raced over here when I saw the TITle of your posting..I'm not proud of it and have already made preparations to enter a shame spiral.

Next time please consider posting a picture of a Great Tit as they are my favorite.

10:41 pm  
Blogger Vicus Scurra said...

Pls to excuse my having nothing to say about tits.

11:11 pm  
Blogger I, Like The View said...

it's definitely time that bloggers joined the C21st craze of swoop and swallow flash-mobbing

8:00 am  
Blogger KAZ said...

But his latest post suggests he is rather busy with matters concerning a metal pipe.
I bet he measures in centimetres.

Good - the title had the desired effect.
Great tits? Well there was Ulrika in the previous post.

Say something about huddling.

Hmmm... Perhaps we'll postpone that until Spring.

8:47 am  
Blogger Kerrie said...

Now I know they are not huge but there was no need for that!

I haven't seen any in my garden lately perhaps they have all migrated to east angular? I vote lets huddle in those thermals.

10:09 am  
Blogger zIggI said...

:( where do large tits go for a huddle then?

And complete ones for that matter, as it happens I have one of those here going spare if anyone wants him. He 'fell over' in the snow and has a 'bad back' HA HA HA HA HA HA

12:01 pm  
Anonymous NiC said...

I really should have something to say about tits (Long Tailed or other) and thermal underwear but really can't think of anything at the moment. It really is too cold. When is summer again?

1:13 pm  
Blogger Istvanski said...

I saw a tit once. He was driving a Panda car.

3:07 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

My goldcrest and my pair of goldfinches havn't visited for a while but I've had some coal tits, starlings, sparrows and dunnocks. There was a wren was on the fence this morning dodging the very territorial blackbird. The one magpie that used to visit doesn't any longer. This week my birds have eaten a whole 7" fruitcake that I accidentally made with plain flour and some leftover M & S quiche and are loving it because next door's cats don't like the deep snow.

3:49 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Not huge - just perfect
Not much room in the thermals - he's a big boy.

Very funny - but who will be your slave now?

Not like you to be lost for words.
Are we looking at wimpy Southerners here?

I believe they are an endangered species.

I love coal tits.
But - do real tits eat quiche?

4:16 pm  
Blogger MJ said...

Are you lot prepared to take up a collection to send Donn and I to East Angular?

5:54 pm  
Blogger I, Like The View said...

personally, I think MJ's idea has huge potential

we could probably get tv sponsorhip and make a mini-series out of it. . .

6:22 pm  
Blogger Kevin Musgrove said...

Rog's piccie's a redwing. I quite like them, though don't often get them here.

The feathered hooligans in my garden have seen their way through a sack of seed, six tubs of mealworms and enough suet to fell a polar bear.

7:10 pm  
Blogger Roses said...

In that case I'll get in a case of white wine and massive jars of olives and anchovies for our huddle.

I'll put some money in a jar to fly MJ and Donn out here, but I'll have to empty it of it's current contents first.'s a bottle.

7:12 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

I'll come and fetch you both in my Kazmobile.

Yeah - now you're talking.

They go round in a gang with fieldfares - I always mix them up.
For this - you slave away all week in the library.

(are you still with us?)
I can see you're getting in the huddle mood.

9:10 pm  
Blogger Daniel said...

You've only got a temporary reprieve. Normal service should resume after Wednesday.

Yeah, actually, I do fancy a huddle.

8:46 am  
Blogger Madame DeFarge said...

Can I choose with whom I snuggle? I am rather fussy and don't want to squish myself with any old fluff.

9:34 pm  
Blogger mago said...

I was offered a mass cuddle today but was not in the mood.

10:55 pm  
Blogger The Poet Laura-eate said...

I understand Keira Knightley is incredibly jealous of large tits.

But I take my hat off to her for not going for the pneumatic concrete globe look, even if is wise to puff oneself up against the cold.

11:49 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

I shall quite look forward to normal service.

Don't worry - this is a huddle not a cuddle.
No more intimate than a packed commuter train.

Huddle not cuddle.
You can be as grumpy as you like.

This surprises me - she seems to delight in her skinniness.
And that green frock in Atonement looked wonderful.

9:03 am  
Blogger mago said...

I am not grumpy, but terribly ill - HA! There!

1:50 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

mago - I feel bad now.
I'll come over to yours and offer words of consolation.

2:19 pm  
Blogger UberGrumpy said...

Phew! I got all flustered there and suddenly I was in Natural History class.

You're a crafty gal, Kaz.

P.S. I don't Twitter. Twitter is for weenies

11:14 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

You look a bit cold and forbidding for a huddle.
I don't twitter either - but I keep thinking about it.

12:47 pm  
Blogger mago said...

So I have seen a lot of small tits here. Isn't it time to bring on the BIG Tits? Maybe even the Massive Ones?
Just asking.

11:58 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Behave yourself.

5:27 pm  
Blogger mago said...

Yes, My Lady!

1:40 pm  
Blogger dh said...

Well I clicked but I'm still waiting for the enlargement.

12:41 am  

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