Wednesday, July 05, 2006

UPDATE - Madonna and Joanne

The arms of Madonna
I made a snide comment about Madonna always wearing long sleeves. Apparently, others have commented about her wrinkly hands.
This made me feel guilty. It would have been perfectly OK for me to carry on boring my students to death for as long I wanted to. But Madge, Kylie etc. must bow out in their prime unless they continue to look like a babe.

Michelle Hanson has 3 helpful suggestions to avoid submitting your hands to botox
1 Hold them in the air for a bit and veins disappear - this works - I’ve been doing it for years.
2 Sit on them
3 Wear gloves

Joanna Lumley.

I couldn’t understand why so many searches for ‘Joanne’ Lumley were finding their way to my blog. Even yesterday (3 months after the post) 4 Joanne searches were reported. OK, I accept that I couldn’t spell Mick Hucknell or Caroline O’Hearne, but I knew it was Joanna.

Research confirmed it is Wyndham who must be thanked for doubling my hits. His pithy comment had referred to ‘Joanne’.

Footie of yesteryear.
As a Blackburn Rovers supporter in the sixties I worshipped my blue and white heroes. I once met Derek Dougan at a Blackburn Rovers supporters’ club dance in Chorley Town Hall.

I cherished the moment … until last week when I was told that he had appeared on Question Time representing UKIP.

No more Heroes.


Anonymous NiC said...

But don't you have to raise your arms every five minutes (pause while I raise mine).. make that thirty seonds?

10:17 am  
Blogger Geoff said...

Is that the United Kingdom Irish Protestants Party?

1:47 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

nic - yes - it´s a hard life whan you´re Kaz or Madonna!

Would that be an improvement?
Perhaps Thierry and Zidane will end up following Le Penn ... no don´t be silly. We do need some heroes.

4:29 pm  
Blogger Wyndham said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:55 am  
Blogger Wyndham said...

Anything to help your hits. Let's see what happens if I type Johanna Lumley?

11:56 am  
Anonymous NiC said...

So that's what that hands raised dancing is all about... now I understand :)

5:13 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Wyndham: I need all the help I can get. Not sure statcounter can cope with Joanne and Johanna. What about Maddona?
Nic:You would need a good deodorant.

7:02 pm  

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